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VGN MarketplaceWelcome to the VGN Marketplace!

If you have points to cash in or if you are just looking for some awesome low cost equipment the VGN Marketplace is the place for you.  Simply login with your VGN Username / password and view your rewards account or browse the various items we have for sale in our catalog.

Here players and customers on our site will be able to purchase various items from our product catalog.  Simply click a category on the right or search for an item and browse through what we have to offer.

Each Month players who participate on VGN Leaderboards receive points which can be redeemed on this catalog.  Each point = $1.00 .  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact VGN 24/7 Live Support.  We are here to help you and appreciate your business!  Thanks for choosing VGN!